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Greenplum Profile

Overview of dbt-greenplum

Maintained by: Community
Author: Mark Poroshin, Dmitry Bevz
Source: Github
dbt Cloud: Not Supported

The package can be installed from PyPI with:

$ pip install dbt-greenplum

For further (and more likely up-to-date) info, see the README

Profile Configuration

Greenplum targets should be set up using the following configuration in your profiles.yml file.

target: dev
type: greenplum
host: [hostname]
user: [username]
password: [password]
port: [port]
dbname: [database name]
schema: [dbt schema]
threads: [1 or more]
keepalives_idle: 0 # default 0, indicating the system default. See below
connect_timeout: 10 # default 10 seconds
search_path: [optional, override the default postgres search_path]
role: [optional, set the role dbt assumes when executing queries]
sslmode: [optional, set the sslmode used to connect to the database]


This adapter strongly depends on dbt-postgres, so you can read more about configurations here Profile Setup