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ClickHouse Profile

Community plugin

Some core functionality may be limited. If you're interested in contributing, check out the source code for each repository listed below.

Overview of dbt-clickhouse#

Maintained by: Community
Author: Dmitriy Sokolov
Core version: v0.19.0 and newer
dbt Cloud: Not Supported

dbt-clickhouse stars

The easiest way to install it is to use pip:

pip install dbt-clickhouse

Connecting to ClickHouse with dbt-clickhouse#

User / password authentication#

Configure your dbt profile for using ClickHouse:

ClickHouse connection information#
dbt-clickhouse:  target: dev  outputs:    dev:      type: clickhouse      schema: [database name]      host: []      port: 9000      user: [user]      password: [abc123]