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Microsoft Azure Synapse DWH Profile

Community plugin

Some core functionality may be limited. If you're interested in contributing, check out the source code for each repository listed below.

Overview of dbt-synapse

Maintained by: Community
Author: dbt-msft community
Source: GitHub
Core version: v0.18.0 and newer
dbt Cloud: Not Supported
dbt Slack channel: Link to channel

dbt-synapse stars latest version on PyPI

The package can be installed from PyPI with:

pip install dbt-synapse
Dedicated SQL only

Azure Synapse offers both Dedicated SQL Pools and Serverless SQL Pools. Only Dedicated SQL Pools are supported by this adapter. If you really insist on using serverless pools, check out the neglected, experimental project: dbt-synapse-serverless


On Ubuntu make sure you have the ODBC header files before installing

sudo apt install unixodbc-dev

Download and install the Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server

Authentication methods

This adapter is based on the adapter for Microsoft SQL Server. Therefor, the same authentication methods are supported.

The configuration is the same except for 1 major difference: instead of specifying type: sqlserver, you specify type: synapse.


target: dev
type: synapse
driver: 'ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server' # (The ODBC Driver installed on your system)
server: # (Dedicated SQL endpoint of your workspace here)
port: 1433
schema: schema_name
user: username
password: password

You can find all the available options and the documentation and how to configure them on the documentation page for the dbt-sqlserver adapter.