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version: 2
sources:  - name: <source_name>    tables:      - name: <table_name>        external:          location: <string>          file_format: <string>          row_format: <string>          tbl_properties: <string>                partitions:            - name: <column_name>              data_type: <string>              description: <string>              meta: {dictionary}            - ...          <additional_property>: <additional_value>


An extensible dictionary of metadata properties specific to sources that point to external tables. There are optional built-in properties, with simple type validation, that roughy correspond to the Hive external table spec. You may define and use as many additional properties as you'd like.

You may wish to define the external property in order to:

For an example of how this property can be used to power custom workflows, see the dbt-external-tables package.