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This functionality is currently only supported for materialized views on a subset of adapters.

The on_configuration_change config has three settings:

  • apply (default) Attempt to update the existing database object if possible, avoiding a complete rebuild.
    • Note: If any individual configuration change requires a full refresh, a full refresh is performed in lieu of individual alter statements.
  • continue Allow runs to continue while also providing a warning that the object was left untouched.
    • Note: This could result in downstream failures as those models may depend on these unimplemented changes.
  • fail Force the entire run to fail if a change is detected.
+materialized: <materialization_name>
+on_configuration_change: apply | continue | fail

Materializations are implemented following this "drop through" life cycle:

  1. If a model does not exist with the provided path, create the new model.
  2. If a model exists, but has a different type, drop the existing model and create the new model.
  3. If --full-refresh is supplied, replace the existing model regardless of configuration changes and the on_configuration_change setting.
  4. If there are no configuration changes, perform the default action for that type (e.g. apply refresh for a materialized view).
  5. Determine whether to apply the configuration changes according to the on_configuration_change setting.