How do I do X? How do I solve Y problem? Where can I go to get help?

First, please check the relevant documentation and FAQs. Also, search for answers using your favorite search engine and in Discourse.

If you can’t find an answer, please take a few minutes to formulate your question well. Explaining the problems you are facing clearly will help others help you. See our guide on asking good questions.

Then, feel free to join our Slack community and ask it in the correct channel. Please read the rules of the road to make sure you know how to best participate in the community.

If you need dedicated support with building your dbt project, also consider engaging one of our consulting partners.

Note: If you are a dbt Cloud user and need help with one of the following issues, please reach out to us by using the speech bubble (💬) in the dbt Cloud interface.

  • Account setup (e.g. connection issues, repo connections)
  • Billing
  • Bug reports related to the web interface

As a rule of thumb, if you are using dbt Cloud, but your problem is related to code within your dbt project, then please follow the above process rather than reaching out to support.