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How do I set up Slack notifications?

Setting up Slack notifications in dbt Cloud will allow you to receive alerts in a chosen Slack channel when a job run succeeds, fails, or is cancelled.

Note: Currently, Slack notifications can only be configured by one user to one Slack channel. Additionally, you must be an admin of the Slack workspace in order to configure Slack notifications. If there have been changes to the user roles and you need to move ownership, please reach out to and provide the support team with the necessary information needed to make this change for you.

In general, there are two parts to setting up Slack notifications. The first involves setting up the dbt Cloud integration with Slack, while the second involves setting up the notifications themselves.

  • If you haven't set up the integration: Watch the entire video below!

  • If you have set up the integration: Feel free to skip ahead to 0:40 in the video.