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I'm receiving a Runtime Error Could not find profile named 'user' error?

If you're unable to access the IDE due to the below error message, we'll do our best to get you unstuck with the below steps!

Running with dbt=0.21.0
Encountered an error while reading the project:
ERROR: Runtime Error
Could not find profile named 'user'
Runtime Error
Could not run dbt'

Usually this errors indicates that there is an issue with missing/stale credentials/authentication. No worries, we have a few workarounds for you to try:

In the IDE: If this is happening in the IDE, you'll want to navigate to the Profile settings where your development credentials are configured. Once you're there, you'll need to either re-enter or re-authorize your credentials in order to get around this error message.

In a job: If this is happening in a job, it might be that you made some sort of change to the deployment environment in which the job is configured and did not re-enter your deployment credentials upon saving those changes. To fix this, you'll need to go back into the deployment environment settings, re-enter your credentials (either the private key/private key passphrase or the username and password), and kick off a new job run.

If you've tried the step above and are still experiencing this behavior - reach out to the Support team at and we'll be happy to help!