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How can I fix my .gitignore file?

A .gitignore file specifies which files git should intentionally ignore or 'untrack'. dbt Cloud indicates untracked files in the project file explorer pane by putting the file or folder name in italics.

If you encounter issues like problems reverting changes, checking out or creating a new branch, or not being prompted to open a pull request after a commit in the dbt Cloud IDE this usually indicates a problem with the .gitignore file. The file may be missing or lacks the required entries for dbt Cloud to work correctly.

Fix in the dbt Cloud IDE

To resolve issues with your gitignore file, adding the correct entries won't automatically remove (or 'untrack') files or folders that have already been tracked by git. The updated gitignore will only prevent new files or folders from being tracked. So you'll need to first fix the gitignore file, then perform some additional git operations to untrack any incorrect files or folders.

For more info, refer to this detailed video for additional guidance.