Set up a Presto Target

Presto targets should be set up using the following configuration in your profiles.yml file.

target: dev
type: presto
method: none # One of {none | kerberos}
database: [database name]
host: [hostname]
port: [port number]
schema: [your dbt schema]
threads: [1 or more]

Installation and Distribution

dbt's Presto adapter is managed in its own repository, dbt-presto. To use the Presto adapter, you must install the dbt-presto package in addition to installing dbt on your system.

Using pip

The following command will install dbt-presto as well as dbt-core.

pip install dbt-presto


Supported Functionality

Due to the nature of Presto, not all core dbt functionality is supported. The following features of dbt are not implemented on Presto:

  1. Snapshots
  2. Incremental models

If you are interested in helping to add support for this functionality in dbt on Presto, please open an issue

Required configuration

dbt fundamentally works by dropping and creating tables and views in databases. As such, the following Presto configs must be set for dbt to work properly on Presto:

hive.metastore-refresh-interval = 5s