Ubuntu / Debian


First, make sure you have git, postgres, and python-dev installed:

sudo apt-get install git libpq-dev python-dev

Then, install using pip:

pip install dbt

If you encounter errors relating to cryptography, you may need to downgrade your version. First, upgrade your versions of pip and cffi:

# Install the latest pip
pip install -U pip
# Then upgrade cffi
sudo apt-get remove python-cffi
sudo pip install --upgrade cffi

Next, install the latest supported version of cryptography:

# Specify the version on install
pip install cryptography==1.7.2

Then you can install dbt

pip install dbt

To upgrade, use:

pip install --upgrade dbt

Then, try running dbt:

dbt --version

If your terminal informs you that the dbt executable is not found, try re-installing with the -I flag:

pip install -I dbt