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Upgrading to 0.15.0

The dbt v0.15.0 release contains a handful of breaking code changes for users upgrading from v0.14.0.

Breaking changes#

Stricter YML compilation#

Previous versions of dbt would raise warnings and ignore improperly formatted .yml files. Compilation errors in .yml files are now treated as errors instead of warnings.

Relation class#

The table_name field has been removed from Relations. Macros that expect this field will now return errors. See the latest class reference for details.

Custom materializations#

All materializations must now manage dbt's Relation cache.

dbt Server#

The existing compile and execute rpc tasks have been renamed to compile_sql and execute_sql. For more details, see the latest rpc docs.

Python requirements#

dbt v0.15.0 removes support for for Python 2.x, as it will no longer be supported on January 1, 2020.

If you are installing dbt in a Python environment alongside other Python modules, please be mindful of the following changes to dbt's Python dependencies:

  • Dropped support for networkx 1.x
  • Upgraded werkzeug to 0.15.6
  • Pinned psycopg2 dependency to 2.8.x to prevent segfaults
  • Set a strict upper bound for jsonschema dependency