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About setting up dbt Cloud

Learn how to set up dbt Cloud using a sample project and one of the most common data platforms. You can select from BigQuery, Databricks, Redshift, or Snowflake. If you're not sure, then try BigQuery.

This guide will show you how to set up dbt and perform some key tasks. These tasks will illustrate how dbt establishes standard practices for your work:

  • Set up a warehouse with sample data
  • Connect the warehouse to dbt
  • Add a Git repository to dbt
  • Execute a dbt transformation using dbt run
  • Schedule a job or transformation

If you want a more in-depth learning experience, we recommend taking the dbt Fundamentals on our dbt Learn online courses site.

If you'd rather edit and run files locally using the dbt command line interface (dbt CLI) to connect to dbt Core, then you can refer to Getting started using dbt Core.