Setting up SSO with Google GSuite

dbt Cloud Enterprise supports single-sign on via Google GSuite. You will need permissions to create and manage a new Google OAuth2 application, as well as access to enable the Google Admin SDK. Currently supported features include:

  • SP-initiated SSO
  • Just-in-time provisioning

This guide outlines the setup process for authenticating to dbt Cloud with Google GSuite. After following the steps below, please contact your account manager or support ( to complete the setup process.


Log into the Google Developer Console. Create a new project or use an existing project. Navigate to APIs & Services > Credentials.

On the Credentials page you will need to create a new set of credentials to allow dbt Cloud to authenticate with your GSuite org. Click Create Credentials, and then select "OAuth Client ID". Select "Web Application" as the Application type.

On the Create OAuth client ID page, enter the following:

Press "Create". A popup will appear with a Client ID and Client Secret. Write these down, you will need them later!

The 'Create Oauth client ID' page
The 'Create Oauth client ID' page

Next, you will need to enable the Admin SDK for this application so that dbt Cloud can request information about your GSuite users. In the search bar, search for the "Admin SDK" API. Select it, and press "Enable" to enable it for this project.

The 'Admin SDK' page
The 'Admin SDK' page

To finish your setup, you will need to provide support the following values:

  • The Client ID you generated on the "Create Oauth client ID" page.
  • The Client Secret you generated on the "Create Oauth client ID" page.
  • The domain of your Google GSuite domain.

Send these values to your account manager, or via support (either in-app via Intercom, or via email at, and we'll get back to you when the integration is ready to use.