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The model object allows you to query information about a particular model in a given job.


When querying for a model, the following arguments are available:

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Below we show some illustrative example queries and outline the schema (all possible fields you can query) of this model object.

Example Queries#

Finding parent models and sources#

The example query below uses the parentsModels and parentsSources fields to fetch information about a model’s parent models and parent sources. Note that we put a placeholder jobID and uniqueID, which you will have to replace.

{  model(jobId: 123, uniqueId: "model.jaffle_shop.dim_user") {    parentsModels {      runId      uniqueId      executionTime    }    parentsSources {      runId      uniqueId      state    }  }}

Model Timing#

The example query below could be useful if we wanted to understand information around execution timing on a given model (start, end, completion).

{  model(jobId: 123, uniqueId: "model.jaffle_shop.dim_user") {    runId    projectId    name    uniqueId    resourceType    executeStartedAt    executeCompletedAt    executionTime  }}


When querying for a model, the following fields are available:

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