Configuring repositories

Configuring PR template URLs

When changes are committed on a branch in the IDE, dbt Cloud can prompt users to open a new Pull Request for the code changes. To enable this functionality, ensure that a PR Template URL is configured in the Repository details page in your Account Settings. Note: If this template URL is unset, then the IDE will instead show a prompt to merge the changes directly into the master branch.

Open a PR in the IDE
Open a PR in the IDE

The PR template URL supports two variables which can be used to build a URL string. These variables, {{source}} and {{destination}} return branch names based on the state of the configured Environment and active branch open in the IDE. The {{source}} variable represents the active development branch, and the {{destination}} variable represents the configured base branch for the environment, eg. master.

A typical PR build URL looks like:{{destination}}..{{source}}

Example templates

Some common URL templates are provided below, but please note that the exact value may vary depending on your configured git provider.