Seats and Users


In dbt Cloud, seats are used to allocate users to your account. There are two different types of seat licenses in dbt Cloud: Developer and Read Only.

The type of license a user is assigned controls which capabilities of dbt Cloud the user is permitted to access. Users with a Developer license can be granted access to the Deployment and Development functionality in dbt Cloud, whereas users with Read Only licenses are intended to view the artifacts created in a dbt Cloud account.

FunctionalityDeveloper UserRead Only Users
Use the Developer IDE
Use Jobs
Manage Account
API Access
Use Source Freshness
Use Docs

Included seats

Each dbt Cloud plan comes with a base number of Developer and Read Only seats. To add additional seats to your account, navigate to the Billing tab of the Account Settings page in your dbt Cloud account. Note: accounts on the Developer plan must upgrade to the Team plan to add additional team members to their account.

The table below shows the base number of Developer and Read Only seats for each dbt Cloud plan.

PlanDeveloper SeatsRead Only Seats
Developer (free)10
Team$50/developer/mo50 ($0/mo)

Changing user license types

To change the license type for users on your team, navigate to the Team page in your account settings and change the click the "edit" button for the user you want to manage. On this page, you can configure the license type and role for the user. Note: you will need to already have an available license ready for the user. If you do not, you may need to upgrade your account (or add more seats to your plan) in order to complete a license change.

Granular permissioning

The dbt Cloud Enterprise plan supports Role-Based access controls for configuring granular in-app permissions. See access control for more information on Enterprise permissioning.