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What can you do with dbt Cloud?

dbt Cloud

The functionality documented here is available in dbt Cloud. Don't have an account? You can get started for free here.

Schedule and run dbt jobs

With dbt Cloud, you can set up custom schedules for running your dbt jobs. dbt Cloud's comprehensive scheduling interface makes it possible to schedule jobs by day of week, time of day, or a recurring interval.

Scheduling jobs with dbt Cloud

Scheduling jobs with dbt Cloud

Easily access logs

dbt Cloud makes it easy to view in-progress and historical logs for your dbt runs. From Cloud's web interface, you can view and download the run logs for your dbt invocations. If you're happy ssh'ing into a cron server and running tail -f on a logifle, then this feature is not for you!

Viewing logs for a dbt run

Viewing logs for a dbt run

Generate and distribute documentation

dbt Cloud hosts and authorizes access to dbt project documentation. After enabling documentation for a given job, you can click the "View Documentation" button to see the latest documentation for that job. Because these docs are generated on a schedule, they're always up to date! Simply invite your coworkers to dbt Cloud to share your project's documentation with the rest of your team. More info about enabling docs for your jobs can be found here.

Viewing documentation in dbt Cloud

Viewing documentation in dbt Cloud

Enable Continuous Integration

Available on the Basic Tier

Continuous Integration functionality is available to accounts on the Basic Tier or higher.

dbt Cloud can be configured to run your dbt projects in a temporary schema when new commits are pushed to open Pull Requests. When the Cloud job completes, a status will be shown for the PR inside of GitHub. This build-on-PR functionality is a great way to catch bugs before deploying to production, and an essential tool in any analysts belt. More info on enabling CI workflows in dbt Cloud can be found here.