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Commonly, analysts need to "look back in time" at some previous state of data in their mutable tables. While some systems are built in a way that makes accessing historical data possible, this is often not the case. dbt provides a mechanism, dbt archive, to record changes to a mutable table over time.

To use dbt archive, declare the tables you want to archive in your dbt_project.yml file:


    - source_schema: production_data         # schema to look for tables in (declared below)
      target_schema: dbt_archive             # where to archive the data to
      tables:                                # list of tables to archive
        - source_table: users                # table to archive (production_data.users)
          target_table: users_archived       # table to insert archived data into (dbt_archive.users_archived)
          updated_at: updated_at             # used to determine when data has changed
          unique_key: id                     # used to generate archival query

        - source_table: some_other_table            # production_data.some_other_table
          target_table: some_other_table_archive   # dbt_archive.some_other_table_archive
          updated_at: "updatedAt"
          unique_key: "expressions || work || LOWER(too)"

    - source_schema: some_other_schema

The archived tables will mirror the schema of the source tables they are generated from. In addition, four fields are added to the archive table:

  1. valid_from: The timestamp when this archived row was inserted (and first considered valid)
  2. valid_to: The timestamp when this archived row became invalidated. The first archived record for a given unique_key has valid_to = NULL. When newer data is archived for that unique_key, the valid_to field of the old record is set to the valid_from field of the new record.
  3. scd_id: A unique key generated for each archive record. Scd = Slowly Changing Dimension.
  4. dbt_updated_at: The update timestamp of the source record when the archived row was inserted.

dbt models can be built on top of these archived tables. The most recent record for a given unique_key is the one where valid_to is null.

To run this archive process, use the command dbt archive. After testing and confirming that the archival works, you should schedule this process to run on a recurring basis.


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