The preferred way to install dbt on macOS is via Homebrew. Install Homebrew, then run:

brew update
brew tap fishtown-analytics/dbt
brew install dbt

You'll also need git:

brew install git


To upgrade dbt, use:

brew update
brew upgrade dbt

Installing different versions with Homebrew

You can install and use multiple versions of dbt with Homebrew through something called Homebrew "links." To allow installation of another version of dbt, first unlink the current version:

brew unlink dbt
brew install dbt@0.17.0
brew link dbt@0.17.0

Now, you can use dbt version 0.17.0:

$ dbt --version
installed version: 0.17.0

You can switch between versions by linking the one you want to use:

brew unlink dbt@0.17.0
brew link dbt

If you'd prefer to use the development version of dbt, you can install it as follows:

brew unlink dbt
brew update
brew install dbt-development
brew link dbt-development


You can also use pip to install dbt – check out the main installation documentation for more information.

If you encounter SSL cryptography errors during install, make sure your copy of pip is up-to-date (via

pip install -U pip
pip install -U dbt