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Safiyy Momen

Safiyy Momen

Founder, Aero
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


I've been in the dbt community for ~4 years now. My experience is primarily in leading data teams, previously at a healthcare startup where I migrated the stack. The dbt Community was invaluable during that time. More recently I've built a product, Aero, that helps Snowflake users optimize costs with a Native extension. I'm exploring ways to automate analytics engineering workflows. I've spoken at various meetups, including the New York dbt Meetup, on data warehouse cost optimization.

When did you join the dbt community and in what way has it impacted your career?

I joined a few years ago. It's helped me level up on best practices while making new friends and connections along the way.

What dbt community leader do you identify with? How are you looking to grow your leadership in the dbt community?

I remember Claire Carroll early on being a great example for community mentorship. I identify with leaders who bring constructive, opinionated, experience-driven insight to conversations.

What have you learned from community members? What do you hope others can learn from you?

I've learned lessons on scaling a large community and creating a culture of curiosity. Hoping others can learn new ways to be useful and build the courage to get themselves out there—to give talks, share their ideas, and engage in debate!

Anything else interesting you want to tell us?

If you're not doing the basics to control costs on Snowflake, you should be! Try out Aero Cost Optimizer.