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David Effiong

David Effiong

Data Engineer, Sterling Bank PLC
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Organizations: Young Data Professionals


I started my career as a data analyst but I currently work as a data engineer in a financial Institution. I have experience working in both large organisations and startups. I have been in the dbt community for about 1 year and 6 months. I found out about dbt while working at a startup where I implemented a modern data stack using BigQuery, Airbyte, Metabase, and dbt. Currently my stack in my large organisation includes Azure tools + dbt. (😁 Of course I had to use dbt!) I have a YouTube channel where I share learnings about data and productivity. The name of my channel is David Data, please check it out. I spoke at the first in-person Lagos dbt meetup about and I am currently an organiser of the Lagos dbt meetup.

When did you join the dbt community and in what way has it impacted your career?

I joined the dbt community late 2021 when I joined the startup. I was a data team of one with little experience in the domain and dbt community was and has remained impactful to my career. With the help of the community I was able to build a data stack as a team of one because there was always support to answer questions I post on the community. The community is so rich with value from conversations that you can read through threads and learn best practices or diverse approaches to problem solving. The dbt community has also been of great help to me in my current organisation in implementing dbt as part of the stack for data quality assurance purposes. The community is open to support anyone regardless of nationality or skill level and I am happy and grateful to be a part of this community.

What dbt community leader do you identify with? How are you looking to grow your leadership in the dbt community?

I identify with Opeyemi Fabiyi as a community leader. Opeyemi introduced me to dbt as a tool and as a community. Based on this belief in the power of communities, he went on to start Young Data Professionals, pioneered dbt meetups in Lagos, Nigeria, and also spoke at Coalesce 2022. I am looking to grow my leadership in the community by interacting more in community conversations, organizing more dbt meetups this year and also by continuing to share my dbt learning videos on my YouTube Channel.

What have you learned from community members? What do you hope others can learn from you?

I have learned solutions to technical problems from community members. I have also learned empathy and patience from community members while interacting with others. I hope I can provide technical solutions to other community members and also do it with patience and empathy. I also hope others can learn to be more involved in the community because the community has only grown because of people, and as more people get involved, more impact is made.

Anything else interesting you want to tell us?

Outside of work, I play the piano and sing in the choir. I also write a faith based blog, The Writings of David Uforo. You may want to check out.