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· 11 min read
Anders Swanson

At dbt Labs, we’ve always believed in meeting analytics engineers where they are. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that today, analytics engineers within the Microsoft Ecosystem can use dbt Cloud with not only Microsoft Fabric but also Azure Synapse Analytics Dedicated SQL Pools (ASADSP).

Since the early days of dbt, folks have been interested having MSFT data platforms. Huge shoutout to Mikael Ene and Jacob Mastel for their efforts back in 2019 on the original SQL Server adapters (dbt-sqlserver and dbt-mssql, respectively)

The journey for the Azure Synapse dbt adapter, dbt-synapse, is closely tied to my journey with dbt. I was the one who forked dbt-sqlserver into dbt-synapse in April of 2020. I had first learned of dbt only a month earlier and knew immediately that my team needed the tool. With a great deal of assistance from Jeremy and experts at Microsoft, my team and I got it off the ground and started using it. When I left my team at Avanade in early 2022 to join dbt Labs, I joked that I wasn’t actually leaving the team; I was just temporarily embedding at dbt Labs to expedite dbt Labs getting into Cloud. Two years later, I can tell my team that the mission has been accomplished! Kudos to all the folks who have contributed to the TSQL adapters either directly in GitHub or in the community Slack channels. The integration would not exist if not for you!