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David Krevitt

David Krevitt

Marketing @ dbt Labs

Laziness is a virtue

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Welcome to the dbt Developer Blog

Doing analytics is hard. Doing analytics *right* is even harder. The purpose of this blog is to double down on our long running commitment to contributing to the knowledge loop.

DATEADD Across Data Warehouses

Abstract away the need to look up the SQL dateadd function syntax every time you use it, by standardizing your syntax with dbt macros.

Towards an Error-free UNION ALL

Union'ing two or more tables with a long list of columns can be an error-prone chore, which dbt + dbt_utils abstracts away.

What's a Primary Key and Why Do We Test Them?

Let’s dive deep into: what primary keys are, which cloud analytics warehouses support them, and how you can test them in your warehouse to enforce uniqueness

Generating Surrogate Keys Across Warehouses

What's a surrogate key, and how can you generate them across BigQuery, Databricks, Redshift, Snowflake and other data warehouses?