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Christian van Bellen

Christian van Bellen

Analytics Engineer @ Indicium Tech

Christian van Bellen is an Analytics Engineer at Indicium Tech, acting mainly in projects focused on Enterprise-level data stack transition. Also works with the DataScience/ML stack. Christian started using dbt in 2022 to help implement a modern data stack within enterprises, and is a certified dbt developer.

Author Posts

Audit_helper in dbt: Bringing data auditing to a higher level

Migrations from stored procedures to dbt become easier with the audit_helper package. The team at Indicium Tech breaksdown the how and why of using this package during your dbt migration.

How we reduced a 6-hour runtime in Alteryx to 9 minutes with dbt and Snowflake

Learn how the folks at Indicium Tech leveraged the modularity and visibility features of dbt to reduce a 6-hour runtime in Alteryx to only 9 minutes by implementing a refactoring workflow.